No architectural project is set in stone from the outset. The process of transforming an initial design into a concrete reality involves compromise and almost constant change. In fact, the most striking designs are those that are allowed to evolve naturally as architect and client work toward an expressive finished product.

This evolution is inevitably attended by a flood of details enumerating dimensions, locations, shapes, finishes, profiles, and materials: details that show how the myriad pieces fit together to form a whole. No element exists in isolation. A change in one can have profound consequences on the others, making flexibility – the ability of all involved to accommodate change – paramount.

The design and specification of hardware is no exception. A well constructed and finished door may look perfect, but it will not function properly if hung with hinges of an incorrect size. The most beautiful doorknob is useless unless it is attached to the correct spindle, which in turn must operate the correct lock, which must engage a strike plate of the appropriate width. These minutiae are a necessary part of building a well-functioning structure, and the challenge of working them out rests on the shoulders of the hardware consultant. Their ability to remain flexible and accommodate the challenges that change presents translates into service.

E.R. Butler & Co. is a company structured to handle not only the manufacture of its product, but also service its detailed design, specification, finishing and delivery. Our account managers work closely with architects and interior designers from a project's beginning to its end, collaborating first on initial design and selection. They then prepare detailed cost estimates and schedules enumerating each piece's location and finish while also detailing any custom work. If a custom finish or patina is called for, they create samples and mock-ups for client's and architect's scrutiny. Our staff of patineurs and crafts people then finish each piece as specified. All product, from the simplest plain polished brass to the most complex patina, is vetted before delivery to the site. Each account manager remains a presence on every project until the final piece has been installed, advising on installation and care if necessary.

This comprehensive approach places almost every variable within our control; the result is a level of service rarely found in our industry.

–Dan Lane